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April 5, 2020



Pastor Arlinda and Sandra Kessler are in the process of contacting all church members to find out how everyone is doing during these stressful and isolating times.  Here is some of the feedback from calls made by Sandra this past week.  Everyone that Sandra talked to said they are managing ok but miss seeing their friends at church.  The most difficult situations revolve around members who don’t have access to the internet and/or are still going inside the grocery store if they don’t have anyone to shop for them.    Many mentioned how much they appreciate the Sunday online service and message.  We are not aware of anyone in our church who has the virus or who knows that they have been exposed.  Please keep Arlinda and Sandra Cooper posted on how you are doing, especially if you need help with anything.  Please keep our church staff and our members in your prayers.


Our deepest appreciation and prayers go to the health care professionals who are working in the medical field and are helping patients and their families:  Lynn Duncan is a nurse at Baptist Hospital; Janine Register is a Medical Technologist at Memorial Hospital; Karen Schuler is an Occupational Therapist at Brooks; Melanie Schuler (Karen and Scott’s daughter) is a Speech Therapist at St. Vincents, often working in the ICU; Jane Turney is a nurse at Mayo; Patty Seymour works at Mayo; and Rev. Kim Wier is a Chaplain to residents of the Florida Christian Apartments and Sundale Manor, ministering to some of the most vulnerable seniors.  Many thanks to other church members who are providing a multitude of essential services in our community.   Please let Arlinda or Sandra Cooper know of others in our church who are risking their own personal safety to help deal with Covid 19, the Coronavirus.


Dot Humphrey is making some masks for church members who need them.  Elastic is getting scarce so she can make them only as supplies last.

Edgar LaBelle says, “Get me out of here!”

Joe Ragase says for anyone who needs help to feel free to call him.

Pam and Russ Taylor have also offered to help our members.

Pamela Lea is looking for an appropriate Easter bathrobe for when she attends Easter Services online

Audrey Myers said to give her best to everyone in the church.  She greatly misses Arlington United.

Eleanor Kelly says it is hard to keep up with the days of the week.  She said she missed last week completely!

Alan Ketchum suggests that we have a big church-wide celebration once this is over.

Jean and Richard Kloker and Jean’s parents, the Wallaces, (all former members of our church) are doing fine in the Atlanta area and are staying home as much as possible.

Judy Barnett is staying with her son in Katy, Texas.  Her neighbors are taking care of her beloved cats.

Ted and Carol Montgomery have resorted to putting jigsaw puzzles together.  Currently they are working on a ridiculously hard one with Indians and horses.

Joe Rose says the facility where he lives is in “lockdown,” but he can still get out of his room to walk around.  He misses everyone.

John and Linda Shepherd had to suspend their monthly services at the Atrium.

Cindy Snyder says her son won’t let her go anywhere.

Linda Winklemann asked to be remembered to everyone.  She is enjoying her church choir in Cold Spring, Texas.  She said that she and another choir member sang together on the phone during a church service.