Arlington United Methodist Church

Singing Seniors Purpose

Entertainment is a minor part of what we do. We sing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and secular songs from the past for those with limited travel. Our singing generates joy and brings back good memories for our audience members. You can see everyone brighten up as we sing. After singing, we enjoy mingling with our audience. This adds attention and fellowship during our visits. It’s a privilege to be a part of this group. There’s wonderful camaraderie and fellowship among choir members. Participation brings joy to the hearts of choir members.

What members say about the Singing Seniors 

  1. “Why do I love the choir. Let me tell you. From the 1st day I knew I was accepted.No questions asked. These people are the best and I love all as one.” Vera
  2. “I am not a member of this church and I greatly enjoy singing in the choir and feel it is a great service to the community. I have been singing here 10 years.” Kathy
  3. “I love to sing for those in retirement homes. I enjoy the fellowship with those in the choir and learning new music. It makes growing old a pleasure!”
  4. “I love singing with the Seniors because it gives me an opportunity to express my faith in a unique way. There is such team work in choral singing that we have a real sense of unity and harmony. Besides, we have a lot of fun!” Kay
  5. “When my wife suggested we join this choir 8 years ago I was somewhat reluctant and didn’t have high expectations. It turned out to be a really good blessing. Blending my voice with others does something deep within me.” Mel
  6. “I was invited by Jeanne who said ‘come and have fun’. You build lasting friendships. I enjoy singing and it has helped my singing skills. It’s the largest choir I have been a member of. We have the most bass singers. I enjoy performing for assisted living folks.” Carolyn
  7. “I returned to Jacksonville after a 7 year absence. One of my first greetings was from Kay who said ‘Monika , now you are old enough to sing in the senior choir.’ What an invitation! I joined. The most important part for me came during my first concert. I watched the residents while we performed, tears running down their cheeks, mouthing the words as we sang. This is a ministry for folks who can’t go anywhere anymore. You can serve God and spread joy amongst the elderly by being part of this choir.” Monika
  8. “This choir makes these old bones feel young again.” Audience member

What Director Gavin Taylor Says about the Singing Seniors

“Energetic, fun-loving, and a source of constant inspiration are the phrases that describe the Singing Seniors.  I am constantly amazed and grateful for each member of this choir.  The group’s music ministry is dedicated to going out into the Jacksonville community, singing sacred and secular programs in many venues.  The Choir’s membership comes from different churches and denominations.  No audition required; just a desire to share the musical ‘good news’ with people in the area.  Come join us and find YOUR place in the Choir!”

Venues Where the Singing Seniors have Delivered their Ministry:

  • Sunrise Senior Living – Belfort Rd.
  • Presbyterian House – Park Street
  • Carriage Club of Jacksonville
  • Augustine Landing
  • Atrium at Regency – Brookdale
  • Presbyterian Apartments – Oak Street
  • Emeritus at Mandarin
  • Wyndham Lakes – Old St.Augustine Rd.
  • Elmcroft Assisted Living
  • Arlington United Methodist Church
  • Regents Park, Skinner Pkwy.
  • Brookdale Southside Carriage Club
  • St. Paul Methodist Church
  • Sunrise of Jacksonville – Belfort Rd.
  • Taylor Manor – Chester Ave.
  • Heartland – Univ. Blvd. South
  • Camellia at Sweetwater
  • Terry Parker Baptist Church
  • Camellia at Deerwood
  • Brookdale – Old St. Augustine Rd.
  • Consulate – South Point
  • Taylor Home – Spring Hill Road
  • Florida Christian Center

The Broadway and More Event

Every year or so the Singing Seniors participate in a fund raising event for the Chancel Choir.  Tickets are sold and a meal is served.  Funds help support the Chancel Choir.

Come Join the Singing Seniors 

All participants in the Singing Seniors have reached the age of 55.  Interested in becoming part of the Singing Seniors? To learning more, contact the AUMC office at 904-743-1400. Or speak to the Director or one of the Singing Seniors.