Arlington United Methodist Church

Adult Sunday School Classes


Are you looking for a welcoming class with varied opinions, lively and respectful discussions that will peak your interests and help you to grow in your personal faith? Come join us! 

We invite you to be a part of a class of adults, married and single. Our class has utilized a discussion type format. Topics discussed have been of a contemporary nature from a biblical perspective. We discuss and relate our lessons to everyday life. 

The class has always been tolerant and respectful of each member’s ideas and comments. We remain open to new topics and areas of interest. The membership is diverse with both progressive and traditional views held and expressed. 

We normally use lessons that are designed to be presented in a six week period, usually with a DVD video and a natural relationship to a discussion-type format. Class members choose the materials to be presented; we are always open to new ideas and subject matters. 

A caring and nurturing class, we are supportive of each other and our community, considering ourselves extended family. We begin at 9:30 am in Room 106, Wesley Hall, and look forward to seeing you there. 

Why I’m a member of the Twigbenders’ class:

“. . . I joined and remain a member of the Twigbenders Sunday school class because this class presents the opportunity to have a discussion not only on Biblical topics but also on contemporary topics, both of which are needed for spiritual growth.”

“. . . The Twigbenders class has been a major factor in my personal faith journey. . .”

“. . . I am extremely grateful to the many members who, through the years, have helped me so much!”

“. . . Members are not required to teach, but benefit from the perspective of those who volunteer to do so. . .”

“. . . I prefer a “discussion” style class with different leaders and members offering different opinions. . .”

“. . . It’s also a very special support group.”

“. . . The material has given me a much better insight into Christian history . . .”

“ . . . We visited other classes, but the Twigbenders were the most open and comfortable for us . . .”

“. . . From the beginning, this class has been non-traditional which to me means little or no denominational study materials or permanent teacher. . .”

“. . . Since each member has input into the selection of future studies, this small group setting encourages discussions important in each member’s faith journey. . .”

“. . . Being able to express your own views and opinions appealed to me. . .”

“. . . We welcome anyone desiring to further their Christian walk to join us!”

Come and be a part of an exciting group of single and married adults who are enjoying the prime-time of their lives. Using a variety of curriculum that lead to insightful discussion our class has the opportunity to study with a variety of members sharing the leadership role. Striving to be mission-minded we support a variety of projects during the year particularly Operation Christmas Child a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. We spend time together socially throughout the year including an annual Valentines night out. Join us for coffee in Wesley Hall Room 201.

Led by team teachers this group has a spirited Bible based study each Sunday morning in the Chapel. This group is active in recruiting and maintaining membership and has the honor of being the oldest in age while having a young outlook.

We study the International Adult Bible study curriculum. Our discussions lead us in applying the scripture to our daily living. We are a class of retirees.

The Young Adult class is for those 20-30ish at any stage in their life from single college students to married with kids. The purpose of the class is to provide support and fellowship and help one another grow in faith or even just figure it out. Our class has new Christians mature Christians and people who are still searching for God. The class consists of a lesson about something relevant to our lives and then we dive into the Bible to find out God’s message and have great discussion over breakfast.

Homebuilders Class has a long history. It was formed in the early 60’s when the members were raising children and building homes, hence the name. It is a teacher led class, but discussion is encouraged. The membership picks the studies from a list of books compiled by the teacher. We often discuss worldly events in the light of Biblical truths.

We have a social chairperson who plans several activities throughout the year. We are a friendly group and all are welcome. We take care of our members and encourage members to support church activities. The class studies together, prays together, and plays together.